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Lower Support Tickets.
Empower Agents.
Reduce Support Burden.
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Videos are easier to understand, quicker to consume,
and more engaging.
Reduce Ticket Volume
Add how-tos or step-by-step video tutorials on FAQs or create a video knowledge base portal. Help your customers help themselves.
Decrease Resolution Time
Let your customers report issues as videos for support, instead of describing bugs in emails forever.
Improve Agent Productivity
Solve similar issues with pre-recorded videos that are stored in cloud and will be available to the whole team.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Engage your customers with product videos. Improves product adoption and customer satisfaction.
Helpdesk Integrations
Create and share videos from inside your helpdesk. We currently integrate with Freshdesk and Zendesk.
Customer support is a true differentiator between organizations.
Build a knowledge base to stand out
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